Most of my private practice is as primary psychotherapist for children and adults. I see individuals and adult couples. When I see children, I also meet with their parents periodically.

I also collaborate with other psychotherapists in treating patients who need EMDR. (See FOR PROFESSIONALS) In these cases, I confer with the primary therapist, and we work as a team to help allay troubling symptoms.

Some reasons people have come to me for psychotherapy:

recent traumatic events (See EMDR)

traumatic events of the past (See EMDR)

"Leaving Home"

body image


compulsive behaviors - including drinking, food bingeing and purging,
   shopping, sexual acting-out, smoking, using recreational drugs

unresolved grief

deficits in social and/or communication skills

depression--aimlessness--unclear goals



parenting problems

problems in making serious commitments

feelings of inadequacy

irrational feelings

marital problems

problems with work and social relationships